I have a 3Drobotics Y6 with pixhawk. I am turning my Y6 into X8. My problem is that i am not sure what PDB to use. On 3Dr website i cant buy the Octa PDB that comes with the X8.
I could use two 3DR Quad PDBs and i would have to connect their power input, but thats quite a lot of weight and they require space.
Or i could use the Hobbyking Octa PDB.
This one doesn't have the pins for the ESCs and output for Pixhawk power.
Why are the EScs plugged in to the PDB and not directly into Pixhawk?
Any suggestion what is the most optimal and safest setup?

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I had the same question, I don't know why 3DR doesn't sell its parts.
You don't need the ESC signal lines to go to a PDC, it just helps to keep things tidy. You can attach the servo plugs directly to the autopilot with all but 1 of the red wires removed, and you will achieve the same effect that 3DR uses. Make sure that you attach the ground wires from each ESC, the 3DR PCB gangs them all together for you. If you wanted less wires you could do the same and then only attach one ground wire to the autopilot.
I think you could get away with using your hex PCB by finding a place to solder in 2 more motors. Better yet, forget the PCB and just solder everything together to save the weight of all those dean plugs and the board. This is the most secure method.

I am working on a conversion from Y6 to X8 now. Discussion here...

Converting 3drobotics Y6 with APM to Tarot 650 X8 with Pixhawk

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