Need Help Please!!!

I Just got my quad with APU 2.5 and UBlox Lea-6 gps, Rctimer SKFW ESC. did all calibrations, left all servo rev switches to norm on the radio. But when I add power it wants to flip over to the left very fast.

it is in stabilize mode.

any help would be great.



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  • Thanks guys I got it, I reloaded the firmware twice and it works..


  • Is this your first quad?

    Did the radio cal bars move in the same direction as the TX sticks?

    Though long, you might want to read over THIS thread.

    In essence, Randy had loaded his configuration as a Hexa. You can check this via the mentioned toward the end of the above linked thread.



  • Hi Luke

    And no those are not dumb at all, the firmware is all stock and for quad. the ecs were do manually could not get it to work doing auto setup. The connectors are in the configuration for X mode.

    Dont know if I need to re-calibrate them? BANGING MY HEAD!!!!!

    This is my first build of a quad but been flying Helis and Planes for 30+ years.


  • Hi Luke 

    It does it even before it get off the ground.


    Yes I do Have the latest Firmware but i am using APM 2.5.


  • Hi,

    Do you have the FW 2.8.1.? Take a look here and read at first the text with red then the whole topic:

  • Does it lift off the ground and then start to flip or does it do this before it ever gets airborne?

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