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Zoltan Horvath commented on Chris Anderson's blog post MAKE is looking for cool drone videos. I think we can help ;-)
"Based exclusively on APM2.5 platform:
Sep 4, 2013
Zoltan Horvath commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post Possible critical error due to a design problem with the 3DR power module
"Hi, I would like to ask also something about the current measurement. The power module is rated up to 90A current sensing but what is the effective maximal overload current which could be supported from the chip resistor and the power module? Sure…"
Jul 4, 2013
Zoltan Horvath replied to andreas kellermann's discussion Arducopter starts to circle and crashes
"Hi everybody,
One week ago I have made some intensive comparison tests between Firmwares an settings on my two copters. The Quad is in services since 6 months and I have never encountered the "Spiral of Death" as on my Octo in Loiter mode. The both…"
Mar 10, 2013
Zoltan Horvath replied to Thorsten Hinz's discussion Wer kann mir helfen, APM 2.5 gibt vollgas!! in German Ardu-Group
"Hallo Thorsten,
kannst du bitte erstmals erzählen was für ein Firmwareversion hast du in die APM hoch geladen ?. Eigentlich ein bisschen bessere Beschreibung von deine Vogel kann sehr hilfreich sein zu verstehen was genau hast du dort. Natürlich die…"
Feb 17, 2013
Zoltan Horvath replied to Elvis's discussion How to upgrade firmware?
"Sorry but I've didn't find a better subject to ask something regarding firmware and Arduino.
It is clear that without Internet connection (for example on the airfield) we cannot upload firmware on the APM using the MP. In this case the only…"
Feb 16, 2013
Zoltan Horvath posted a discussion
Dear all,I didn't found any information about how we could upload firmware in the APM using the Mission Planner if we don't have Internet connection (for example on the flying field).The firmware itself is available for download but it is not a .hex…
Feb 2, 2013
Zoltan Horvath replied to Chris Blackburn's discussion Point of interest feature in ArduCopter User Group
"Hi Randy,
Ok, good to know! Somewhere, lost in the topics, Michael has answered as if the copter doesn't have 3 axis gimbal then will add yaw to keep the heading to the ROI. When it will work, it will be a great feature! How must be defined this in…"
Dec 14, 2012
Zoltan Horvath replied to Thomas Booth's discussion Need Help Please!!!
Do you have the FW 2.8.1.? Take a look here and read at first the text with red then the whole topic: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/arducopter-2-8-released"
Dec 14, 2012
Zoltan Horvath replied to criro1999's discussion WP 65535 ?! on 10 waypoints mission - last WP never touched
"Hi Criro, it is know issue as the last waypoint will be ignored. With the actual firmware version (2.8.1) this issue is solved. If you want to use further your actual setup then please create a clone to your actual last waypoint. You can simply add…"
Oct 26, 2012
Zoltan Horvath replied to Mie Must's discussion Auto Mode-Waypoint issue on 2.7.3 firmware, APM 2.5
"Hello and thanks Mike for this information! What exactly the issue is? It have something to do with the number of waypoints or? If the workaround is to add another waypoint to the end of the mission, this must have exactly the same coordinates?

Oct 4, 2012
Zoltan Horvath replied to Bill Patterson's discussion Can someone explain ROI a little bit?
"Ok, thanks for the explanation Michael and congrats for the great job. Could you please explain the meaning of each settings (fields) on the way point row? For example I have tried to set the yaw angle as the quad follow the route faced always to…"
Oct 3, 2012
Zoltan Horvath replied to Kevin Brown's discussion Mission planer update 1.2.13 Flight data screen gone ! blank
"Hi, the "reset" seems to be the solution for this issue. It is somewhere a version list for the Mission Planner or an official bug reporting topic?"
Oct 3, 2012
Zoltan Horvath replied to Charles Winter's discussion Powering the Ardupilot Board
"Hello everybody,
While the APM2.5 is already available, would be great if somebody could refresh this topic. What are the major changes regarding the powering on this board? Everything which was described here is valid for the new board too or we…"
Aug 28, 2012