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I'm currently building a Tricopter and hope to use my APM2.5 on it as the FC, but does arducopter support/feature a point of interest function such as that seen in the video here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0MgZKKQX6U

I'm not talking about controlling a gimbal to stay trained on a target, I'm talking about actually keeping the front end of a multirotor pointed toward a target location/altitude.


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  • Hi Randy,

    Ok, good to know! Somewhere, lost in the topics, Michael has answered as if the copter doesn't have 3 axis gimbal then will add yaw to keep the heading to the ROI. When it will work, it will be a great feature! How must be defined this in the MP is another mystery but we will figure out.

    Great job Dev Team!

  • Developer

    Hi there.  ROI should work in the next version 2.9 which will go into testing quite soon (within days I expect).

    I can't remember if it worked in 2.7.3 or not...I think if you didn't have  3-axis gimbal it would momentarily point at the ROI point but then immediately return to pointing at the next waypoint.

    By the way, the CONDITIONAL_YAW command will also definitely work in 2.9 so you can use that to keep the copter pointed in whatever direction you want during the mission.

  • 3D Robotics

    Yes, it's called ROI (Region of Interest) in the Mission Planner

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