So I just got the 3dr quad copter but im having issues getting the escs to calabrate?

Ive tried Auto calabration and manual more than twice each, and I cant get the motors respond after calabration? Durring the ESC calabration the motors will spin up, directly after moving the throttle down, but after I unplug the battery, and replug the motors will not spin up.... and moving the throttle/rudder in the indicated manner from the manual will not ""unlock" the motors?

Im not sure why its not working, The only thing I could think is I dont have the magnetometer hooked up at the same time? (Some Ardu-copter failsafe not to fly without Magnetometer?)


Any advice?

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Also im using FlySky TH9X tx/rx?

I assume you calibrated your radio first? ESCs can be hard to sometimes calibrate. You might try reversing your throttle.

Yes sir, I followed every step even tryed to reverse throttle, and reloading ardu-copter, and going through the set up again, idk what changed this time but it works...for now? All I did diferently was hit reset on the APM?

Good to hear.

Now they wont arm again.... I tryed to add down trim, couldnt lock gps, couldnt arm motors, tried to move the gos away from the reciever, hit reset on the boards, nada =p


I think that I am having the same problem with my 3dr hex. The motors won't arm unless I go through the all-at-once esc calibration process. Right out of the box I had had some trouble calibrating the ESCs. I had to reverse the throttle and then calibrate each individually before it the motors would arm. During next flight, one motor beeped like it needed calibration for a few seconds after arming then powered up. Now I get nothing. Hopefully it's all related and there is a single fix.

to be honest idr how i fixed my issue... I think it was a series if radio calibrations, and esc calibrations, i know I messed with the min thr. parameter, also I highly suggest running the setup/motor command in mission planner/terminal to make sure ur motors are hooked up right. The should trigger in a clock wise patern starting with the front right motor. Also tiptie ur copter fo something heavy and test the inputs to make sure nothing needs to be reversed

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