hello im having a hard time understanding how to switch flight modes i have channel 5-hook up to a 3-position switch and dont under stand how to get 6-modes out of my 3-position switch can some please help  thank you  Tom

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2nd that...I would like to be able to have the quad always in Stabilize mode, always in Simple mode, and have the switch be able to handle position hold and RTL functions.

Can someone explain how you would accomplish this?



To accomplish mode changes you need a switch on a transmitted channel from your radio control transmitter. Switches commonly come as two-way and three-way and so you can usually only have two or three choices during flight. Some have hacked their gear to take more advanced switches or weird combinations to achieve more than a normal one switch option though.

To help either of you setup your system we need to know your radio control gear. When we know you gear, we can help you. The CLI system is intuitive to use and has guides in the wiki (manual) which take you through the steps in a clear manner.


I for one have a Futaba 6EX which works lovely but only has two-way switches so I use two of the two way switches to gain three choices from my system thanks to some customisation.

You need to mix in a second 2 position switch to act like a shift key to produce 1165,
1295, 1425, 1555, 1685, and 1815 pulsewidths on ch5. Use cli type test then pwm to see the pulsewidth coming from your radio.


I can show you exactly how I did it on a Futaba 12FG, I think all the FG, Z and MZ series would also be very similar

Is there a way to hard code some of the modes?

I never want acro..always want stabilize, I also always want the simple mode so I can yaw anyway I want and just control the quad using easy joystick type movements.


no need to hard code them, you select what modes you want for each position during cli setup. the trick is to get the mixing on your radio setup for the pwm values the AP wants for each position.

So is it possible to combine modes?

I mean, to have stabilized mode along with simple mode, along with RTL, etc..?

Hey Ritchie, I have a turnigy 9x, is there a link with a break down on how to do it with this radio?
im using a Aurora-9 and still having a hard time if someone eles is using a Aurora-9 may you could give me a hand one more thing how do you know what flight mode your in theres no lights to tell you  Thank you Tom
I also use turnigy 9x. I switch mode by useing 2 position switch and can't make 3 positon switch work on my radio. I will be happy if you can share your radio mixing seetup.



Check this out .....http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/setting-flight-mode-with-hitec?co...


I have only managed 5 modes.

which firmware are you using on your turnigy 9x?


stock firmware  can be set to use 3pos and 2pos but it also uses a knob for mixing.



er9x firmware can be set to use 3pos and 2pos, leaving the knobs for other things



Tom, just found another Aurora 9 setup buried in this thread near the bottom.


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