Neo 6M on APM 3.1 mini no GPS/no Fix


tried to connect the uBlox neo 6m-0-001 with compass to APM 3.1 mini to the GPS slot (compass to SCL/SDA, GPS to GND/5V/RX/TX).

The power LED on the GPS board in on, compass configured and works fine. 

I cannot get the GPS working, getting interchangeably the messages No GPS and No FIX in Mission Planner.

HDOP = zero, sat count = zero. 

Any idea why the GPS does not want to work?

I would appreciate any help as the drone is almost ready and the GPS problem is the only last issue I am facing,




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  • Swap your TX and RX lines on the GPS connection and see if it fixes it.

    • Hello,

      the message in MP after swapping: No GPS.

      • The no gps message is different than the no fix. No GPS means that the GPS is not working or not connected correctly. No Fix means that it sees a GPS and it is working but that no fix with the satellites has been achieved. So I assumed your original post indicated your GPS was not connected correctly. But you have to clarify whether your indications are "NO GPS" or "No Fix".

        • Hi,

          I know the meaning of these messages, thank you.

          As I already wrote in my first post - I am getting two messages one after the other: No GPS...No Fix...No GPS...No Fix and so on. It is strange, I know, and it is confusing for me and that's I am asking the more experienced people for tips in this forum.

          Using the boards APM 1.0, 2.x I have never got such messages as I am getting using the APM 3.1 mini.

          Mike, following your advice to swap TX/RX I got the message No GPS when swapped.

          • I have used a APM mini with no problem so it is not generic. It sounds like you are getting an intermittent connection. So if it is a stable no GPS when swapped you know the right order of TX and RX. But here is where it would be nice to have another GPS to isolate which is the defective unit.

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