NEVER buying a 3dr product again

I have a 3DR X8+ and I need parts for it.  The 3dr website gives 404 errors left and right, and I can't seem to find a supplier with the parts I need.  The chat on 3dr's website is constantly unavailable and email's don't get answered.  I don't even know the specs of the parts I need.... Can anyone help me?

I need the following replacement parts:

Propeller washers and bolts for the stock motors for the X8+

An Arm/Disarm button with the cable for pixhawk

The double threaded nylon spacers for spacing around the PixHawk

uBlox GPS Mast

Thanks in advance (sorry if I posted this in the wrong thread)

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  • I wrote to 3DR few days ago for the same problem. Here follows Chris Anderson reply:

    "Thanks for the note. Right now we're only selling the core Pixhawk elements, because the other parts are available from so many other sources (that's good-- it's what we intended by open sourcing them!) at good prices and quality. The HobbyKing parts in particular are reliable and they worked with us on those.

    We'll soon be releasing a new, smaller Pixhawk, which will come with a telemetry unit. But for other sensors and non-standard cables, we do recommend HobbyKing as well. "

    That's it. Sad, but he forwarded me to HK.

    Goog luck

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