New APM2.6. Is one output fried?

Hi all!

I updated from APM1 to APM2.6 and Output5 seems fried or something on my brand new board. I want to use the output for a camera gimbal and any servo I connect to this pin buzzes like crazy. All other outputs work as expected. I also tried different servos but the same behavior repeats.

Changes in Mission Planner don´t affect the results.

Here is a video of the behavior:


These are my MP settings:



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  • I bet you plugged the USB into the board with the rx inputs powered with 5v.  Death came quickly as the current would take out a track.  On mine it also took out a track to the 3.3v for the mp6000!


    • Hi John,
      Sounds like a good theory as I remember at least once plugging in USB with RX connected. Anyhow, it works well on another output.
  • T3
    I normally see people using pins 10 and 11 on the side rail for gimbal controls. Be careful powering your servos from the APM. You can cause a brownout. Best practice is to power servos with the seperate BEC. Also make sure to keep a common ground all the way round.
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Dec 3, 2020