Hi all!

I updated from APM1 to APM2.6 and Output5 seems fried or something on my brand new board. I want to use the output for a camera gimbal and any servo I connect to this pin buzzes like crazy. All other outputs work as expected. I also tried different servos but the same behavior repeats.

Changes in Mission Planner don´t affect the results.

Here is a video of the behavior:


These are my MP settings:


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I normally see people using pins 10 and 11 on the side rail for gimbal controls. Be careful powering your servos from the APM. You can cause a brownout. Best practice is to power servos with the seperate BEC. Also make sure to keep a common ground all the way round.

Thanks. I am aware of those things. But do you have anyidea why the servo behaves like that on Output 5?

No clue. I have hooked up to pins 10 and 11 and then controlled my pitch with channel 6.
You can power servos from the output rail using the ESCs internal BEC. JP1 removed.

I would check to see if CH5 is assigned another function as well, causing conflict.

I bet you plugged the USB into the board with the rx inputs powered with 5v.  Death came quickly as the current would take out a track.  On mine it also took out a track to the 3.3v for the mp6000!


Hi John,
Sounds like a good theory as I remember at least once plugging in USB with RX connected. Anyhow, it works well on another output.

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