New APM2 board fails out of the box.

I am having problems with my new APM2.

After waiting for a month I finally received my new AMP2 board April 9th. I have managed to hook it up and install the firmware and do the initial setup.  The problem is that when I try to boot up with the battery it fails to start. Just sits there with a Blinking 3DFIX and a green power LED.  I have power coming in on #1 of the output rail.

If I hook up the computer first the unit boots then attach the battery and remove the USB cord it stays running. I am able to arm and disarm the motors. When I power down and retry it with the battery nothing.

If I pull the sd card it will boot. I have tried to erase the SD card through the console but the same problem after the erase.

Any ideas?

This board came to me assembled and tested. Why should it have a problem like this if it was tested first. Unless the testing was only done with the USB cord attached.


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Aug 25