I have started to build new quad with X525 frame.

motor are KDA 20-22L.

Can someone share good initial settings to start from.


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I'm fairly new to this PID stuff but I'd guess on a 525 frame the standard/default settings will be very close

Hi Tsahi,

We have 2 KK X525's up and running and good initial PIDs are:

(Use the PIDs menu in the config section of the Mission Planner)

stab ang rate P = .1

stab cont P = 4.5

yaw ang P = .15

yaw stab P = 7 good start for stabilize

Alt err P = .5

Thrust rate P = .2 good for alt hold

Loiter ang rate P = 2.5

Loiter speed P = .47 good start for loiter but too wide a loiter radius 10 - 15 feet.

I'm looking for any other values too, but these will get you started.

Will this work well for a Hobbyking 540mm frame with NTM 26-28A 1200kv motors ?

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