New Battery Tab settings in V1.0.96.

Hi Michael,

I've just updated APM to 1.0.96 and then loaded AC 2.0.50 beta through the planner onto my quad.  So far so good.  When I went into the config dialog (which now requires me to go back into flight mode and connect) I noticed that the battery/current monitoring options had moved into their own tab.  In that tab I select option 4 (Current & Voltage) assuming that is what I should select if I have the Attopilot 90A sensor installed.  In the instructions below it asks me to measure and enter the input voltage on the APM (assuming this is the 5V from the stand alone BEC).  From what I can tell all the text input fields are greyed out except for the Battery Voltage which seems to be setting itself and cannot be changed.  At the moment battery voltage is showing 2.798 (fluctuating a bit).

Is this Battery Tab a work in progress or am I just doing it wrong?





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  • Found another post from back in October with the same complaint.  Guess it just has not been implemented yet.  Any idea how soon it will be implemented so end users can do the whole calibration in planner (not have to change the defines, compile, upload, test, try again and again)?



  • Also, is it fair to assume that the loiter and RTL modes will not engage when the GPS has no lock?  Would explain why the HUD mode is not changing.


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