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Hi all,

I am very new to this UAV things but actually not new to aviation as I am an airline pilot driving A320.

I ve just started to research my project with UAV for aerial photography and mapping.

I really need more knowledge about almost every thing. Can anyone here suggest me about the UAV component?  I need the UAV that can carry a HD camera and flying range up to 2-3 km. And I need to control the camera.

forgot to tell that I have no RC experience.



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  • Hi Nick. Yes it is. So what camera you recommended (with similar image quality) and am I correct that any type of camera will need extra channels?

  • Thank you for your reply.

    Can I use DSLR cam? How to remotely control it? for the I want a cheapest one to start using it or do I need more reliable system (yes I know more money for it). 

    any recommended source where I can buy online?


  • Hi Uavoz


    Im in the same process as  you, just a little bit ahead; I bougth the bird (an Arducopter Hexa, from jdrones) and been fly-testing since last month .


    Lots of people in here start with go pro like cams, or a bit heavier like sony nex 5 with smallest lens   ;

    If you need to lift say .. a 5d or akind, you'll need to pick a pretty more powerfull hexa or octo off the shelves and maybe sacrifice a bit flight time for that .. or build your own customized one


    What kind of "HD cam" (model maybe ?)

    Whats your budget ? :)


    For the autopilot, i choose Arducopter 's model (thx Jago for pointing me at it) because its open source and lets you get going at your own learning curve rate and budget , while allowing tremendous amount of info thanks to a incredibly active dev team and community


    Besides, you will find similar threads as the one you started here, with the same goal as you; Otherwise there is also  Mike ;) 



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