New concept of photography / videoing - New Sony Camera

Hello Everyone,

i have just seen the release of the new Sony Cameras for Smartphones (QX-10 + QX-100) - isn't this almost what we would need to make the perfect camera for a copter ?


Remotely controllable Zoom lens, along with a Photo and Video function ?

Now there is even an open API to actually control the camera:

Here is also sample code for Android..

How about just placing a mini android PC together with the cam on the copter and downlinking the video signal from the mini-PC ? - So far, i have only found HDMI mini PC's, but maybe there are also ones with analog out ?

Sample of such one is here:

What do you think about such a camera video / photo solution ?



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  • Probably wont find analog out but you never know. However it can work for sure its not that hard to set that up. Although there could be some time put in to set that all up and test when there are proven cameras that will do that job with not screwing around. But interesting for sure.

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