New Delta Wing X5 and Nano Cam, Need tips

Just got finished assembling my new Delta Wing.  It is a new kit from BEV RC.  I have been looking for a good delta wing platform for doing so aerial AP (ortho maps).  Most of the platforms that I have come across seem to have limited mounting space.  Then BEV RC released their new X5 for FPV.  I ordered it as soon as they were in stock.  There is plenty of mounting space inside for APM and flight gear.  I also picked up one of their nano cams, specs were pretty impressive for its size.  The cam works well.  Getting better image resolution than some of my larger cams. 

    I have never setup an APM on a delta wing, but anxious to do so.  anyone know of any good resources for this?  Wandering if anyone has any default settings for the funjet (which has been used with the APM before) that I can use as default settings for my X5, so as to shorten the tuning curve.  I have been flying the skywalker for a few months now, and love it.  The Skywalker parameter file was a little buggy, but we got it worked out.  It has been an excellent platform for long duration aerial AP.  I am hoping for the same with the X5, but it offers the advantage of being more portable.  Any help appreciated:)
























Cam specs:

SensorSingle chip 1/3 CMOS
Numbers of pixels NTSC656(H)×492(V);PAL:786(H)×576(V)
Image signal processDigital Signal Processing System
Sensor dimensions4.75mm(H)×3.55mm(V)
Horizontal resolution520TV Lines
Scanning system 2:1 Interlace 
Lens view & angle0.5mm F2.0 / 62 °
S/N Ratio48dB
Video out1.0V p-p/75ohm 
Size (L x W x H)9.5mm x 9.5mmx 12mm
Working current75mA 
Power requirementDC: 3.3V-6V
Operating temperature - 10° C ~ +50°C ,less than  90% RH




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  • Hello All,

    We have built X5 with APM2.6. We hope to use it for aerial photography (orthomosaic and DSM). Unfortunately, it crashed really badly yesterday. After ‘auto-takeoff’, it suddenly went into a straight vertical dive. The parameters are here: I cannot figure out what was the problem. Any advice from experts would be appreciated!

    Thank you,


  • I'm also considering using this wing for ortho photo. The camera you are using looks ok for video, but not good enough for ortho photo. How are you planning on mounting the hi res camera for ortho?
    Cheers, rich
  • Hello Todd!

    Is there any chance that I could get a copy of the Skywalker 1900 param file that you've got?


    Best regards,

    Per, Sweden

  • any thoughts on how to connect the APM in conjunction with  the wing?  Meaning the strange control surfaces.... I have seen a few people try it with varying success. 




  • duh! found it in the wiki.

This reply was deleted.


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