ok so i did new firmware today... 3.0.1

i did all the calibrations three times..even did setup/level in console ..

did radio calib, as well

verified props still spin in proper directions.

what is going on?


flips nose up onto its back everytime..


using 30A optos,


Thanks in advance.

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  • Yes, I had the same problem trying to load 3.0.1 with planner 1.2.60.


    I reloaded & re-calibrated every thing the second time but held the quad on the ground.


    Gave the motors just enough power to spin then moved the Pitch & Roll around. 


    The quad reacted as if it was  in + mode and not in X mode.


    I reloaded with this file using Planner "Load Custom Firmware" option on install firmware page and it's good to fly..


     Index of /Copter/beta/apm2-quad


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Aug 25