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MaxCrash replied to Mr. Santos's discussion new firmware 3.0.1 for ardu copter in x config flips nose up upon lift off..
"Yes, I had the same problem trying to load 3.0.1 with planner 1.2.60.
I reloaded & re-calibrated every thing the second time but held the quad on the ground.
Gave the motors just enough power to spin then moved the Pitch & Roll around. 
Jul 14, 2013
MaxCrash posted a discussion
Upgraded Mag Compass from HMC 5843 to HMC 5883L .  To verify the the 5883L was a good unit,  I ran the Compass Library test program comparing the 5843 to the 5883L . Both the 5843 & 5883L reported about the same number (~ 180) for a heading of…
Jul 27, 2011