GoPro (REI) spits out their newest line, smaller, LIGHTER, and a more versatile lens imaging stystem.

GoPro Hero 3+ SURF

It looks like the WiFi connections to phones, etc ..., have been improved.

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In what I read its more hype to get everyone to buy the great new +. I purchased the 3 Black this summer and I will never buy a go pro product again. I think they are way over priced and have to many problems. The lack of customer service is another issue.  Save your cash and get a Sony Nex 5R or something of that variety. You have much wider choices for lens combo and a better quality camera. My $1.99 worth. 

I've seen them in action on YouTube a lot and they have horrible wide angle distortion when used on the horizon and long, straight lines. They are designed for close up action, to provide a subject in action with background that is in focus.

But, the reduction in weight for SOME applications using drones, might be good, but they are certainly not the "Go To" for multi-rotor drone. And ... they are cheap.

The Sony Nex 5R looks pretty schweet, more, but WAY way better in every department. From what I see of the Sony Nex 5R, it has an interchangeable lens system, yes?

Yup, the NEX 5R under $600, looks like it is well worth less than twice as much as the most expensive GoPro.

NEX 5R under $600

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