Jennings, LA

About Me:

Born the day after JFK was assassinated, at age 8 I began building models, painting them, creating diorama and photographing them. Having already flown with my father in sailplanes at age 5 we continued that through my early teen years. At 9 and 10 I was building estes rockets and regularly flying cox, fly-by-line, gas powered airplanes. I flew my first radio controlled airplane at age 10. My fascination and passion for flight is reborn with the advent of affordable multi-rotor, FPV, HD video and high resolution aerial platforms, it is ... revolutionary.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I speak, read and write Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and continue those studies at increasingly advanced levels, my native language is English. My current research focus is the building of the Nicaragua Canal which will commence in late 2014, it is a fascinating event and probably will be the most historical event with global impact that occurs in my lifetime. I see great opportunities to launch a business strategy in Nicaragua serving the Nicaragua Canal Authority Zone, this multi-staged and complex project to build the Nicaragua Canal, by providing muti-rotor drone services to the Canal Authority and the businesses in Nicaragua associated with the construction of the Nicragua Canal. I'm looking for discussion and potential partners to launch a small, focused, serious multi-rotor drone services company in Nicaragua.