How is this guy getting this FPV range/ battery time?

Not sure what this guy is using to accomplish this fpv run but I have never seen anyone go that far off. He must have a huge battery and a super powerful transmitter. Looks like he is just running stock stuff from the beginning of the video but what do I know. Pretty entertaining anyway ;)

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  • Seems like the issue with trees can vary a lot by tree type. Needle trees like pine don't seem to have much affect, but broadleaf trees are a much bigger problem, perhaps due to the high moisture content of their trunks.

    Flying in the countryside versus a park in the city also makes a huge difference. In this flight I flew 1.4 km away, ducked behind a hill, did a touch-and-go, and still had perfect video throughout, using just omnidirectional SPW antennas on both tx and rx. In the city I likely wouldn't have been able to achieve this even with a high-gain antenna:

    However, I'm looking forward to getting an antenna tracker so I can fly around freely and not worry about flying out of the beam. Maybe more accurate pointing will improve my city range a lot as well.

    1.4 km away, FPV Touch-and-Go behind Hill in Rain...
    Flew in the rain 1.4 km away over a hill and did an FPV touch-and-go... followed by a 2-km SplineNav scenic flight back, and near elect...
    • Vid is private

    • Sorry, dunno how that happened, fixed.

  • What VRx antenna r u using?
    • I'm using Circular Wireless SPW12 antennas on both Tx and Rx. Unless I want to go far instead of flying around close to myself, then I use the Circular Wireless HELIAXIAL12 on the Rx side.

    • For what it's worth, I found the circular polarized style antennas to give me way less range. I use this on the Tx end

      and this on the Rx end

      I have gone over 4 miles with this combo and once lost my plane in a "forest" of Euc trees and still got a decent signal and that was from a mile away. (elevator servo came loose)

    • I run basic Bluebeams where I'm at and I get 2km without a glitch in the city
  • So I went ahead and got the latest 1000mW Lawmate 1.2 GHz transmitter and receiver. Through-trees performance is better than the RMRC equipment, and I also get an extra minute of flight time, since the tx only weighs 25 grams vs. RMRC's 72 grams. But unfortunately I still need to move at extremely slow granny speeds or the picture glitches out completely. Fly fast and it loses the signal going behind just one tree only 50 meters away, just like the RMRC equipment. So I guess the lawmate receiver still uses an old-fashioned module that can't keep up with all the sudden changes in signal strength.

    Not going to give up though, can anyone recommend a 1.2 GHz receiver with a modern RF module that won't have this issue?

    If not, then maybe I'll try 2.4 GHz next, as those receiver modules should be new designs that can better cope with changing signal strength. I'll probably want to go with a diversity receiver this time, because it would be really nice to use both a high gain and isotrophic antenna. I've been able to fly very far with the high-gain antenna, but it's more fun if you don't have to worry about keeping inside the antenna's beam when you're not too far away and have good line-of-sight.

    • Just search YouTube and there are plenty of vids of people flying behind buildings with fixed wings at high speed without any trouble. I'll post one for you of my stuff if you want
    • Yes, I've seen plenty of videos already, it's what started this whole thread after all.

      Also, the problem I'm having is mainly behind trees; flying behind buildings isn't as bad.

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