scratch build 3 axis gimbal and octocopter

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I thought as a website called DIY Drones, this might be a good place to post a blog about exactly that. This is my DIY drone (or UAV as I prefer to call them). I had already built a 650mm hexcopter with brushless go pro gimbal and so after doing that I decided to build something a bit bigger so my next project is going to be a heavy lift Octocopter and 3 axis gimbal for a DSLR size camera.

I have completed the gimbal today and below is a video of the results. I have to say its the most technically challenging build I have ever done and I've also learnt that carbon fiber is not the nicest material to cut and sand! but have a look and see what you think. If you would like more information have a look here

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  • You rock, your taste in music ... eclectic. ;-)

  • After doing alot of number crunching with prop, motor, and weight combinations, it seems after you add the extra weight and current draw of 2 motors and arms into the calculation, 6 motors are more efficient than 8 at least with the motor, prop combo I have chosen. The next decision to make was whether to go with 22mm carbon fiber tube or 19mm box section aluminium arms. 
    Now you would think it would be a no brainer with the CF tube weighing 40g and the drilled out aluminium 75g, but after you consider the CF arm needs 4 clips, 8 nuts and bolts and a CF motor mount and the aluminium only needs a ply motor mount and 3 nuts and bolts, there's only a 6g advantage to CF. If you then add in cost and possible radio interference issues of CF, then I think aluminium is the way to go3692866642?profile=original3692866532?profile=original

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