Time to shed some positive light on our hobby

Hey guys,

Looking for some advice here.  I have been approached by a local newspaper photographer who wants to do a story on me and my "hobby" aerial photography.  I'm looking for POSITIVE suggestions on subject matter I can share to steer away from some of the negative stories we have been hearing about.

They want to do a Q & A and then shoot some pics of me flying and the gear I use.  They're lead photographer saw my latest YouTube video (posted above) and wants to learn more about the technology.




Again, any info you want to share would be appreciated.

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    Good Tips Don.

    @ Adam,

    What is the setup used in above video?  Pretty nice footage.

    Don't forget to mention that flying small UAVs are not  as easy as " just buy and fly",   "no experience required " type of  activity leads to trouble and burns hole in the pocket. To be good UAV pilot , one need to be disciplined RC pilot at least first. Cheers and good luck , keep us posted.



  • Don LeRoi makes some very good points. These are exactly the same media and public relations techniques that those who wish to control the industry will use to control those that do this for enjoyment and hobby, to express themselves and their joy of life, and to control small business that will use this technology for profit. We can own this hobby and industry and keep government out of it to the greatest extent by regulating ourselves and letting others know that not only do we understand, utilize and advance these technologies for the greater good, and use them to exercise our natural right to express ourselves and enjoy life but that we understand both the public's concerns and the government's constant encroachment and desire to tax and control ... while "lacking" understanding.

  • @Don, thanks! Those are all great interview tips.
  • Agree, very nice work!

    Advice for interviews -

    Don't call your birds "drones".

    Emphasize that you fly under, and comply with, the FCC's and AMA's model aircraft guidelines.   

    Point out that you don't get paid for your "hobby" work.

    Mention the importance of AMA membership and that group's efforts in promoting the hobby and providing guidance for safe aircraft operation to its members.

    Mention that an amateur radio license is a requirement for most any video down link.

    In other words, take this opportunity to educate readers or watchers that there are hard and fast rules with which we must comply and dissuade them from naively thinking they can just buy a UAV, strap a camera and video Tx on it, and legally fly FPV while shooting pictures that they hope to sell.

  • 100KM
    Here is a positive use of my techpod I am working on, an indigenously produced UAV in Jamaica. Used to spot and report illegal fishing vessels off their coast.
  • Rich colors without any distracting push into vibrancy, great contrasts at 1:18, and the pumpkin patch stealth shot peeking over the treeline, sweet. At 2:25, STEADY as a RAWK, nice track as well, good mixing, thanks for sharing.

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