Self Portrait: Micro Quad


I wanted to share a cool screen capture I took from my micro camera quad. It was a self-portrait of the quad (and partially the pilot) taken while flying in front of a polished black granite wall. 

And, to finish the post, here is some footage from this flight. It was getting very windy, and I had flown my LiPo earlier, so I didn't want to overdo anything. I only flew about 2 minutes at this location, and edited my video down to some highlights.

Since it was asked, this quadcopter is the Hubsan H107C HD with an onboard 720p camera. It is slightly bigger than a smartphone. I hope to build my own micro aerial video platform capable of carrying a Mobius camera.

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  • Thanks! Better than a kitten? I say yes!

    For surveillance, there's no doubt that smaller, and smaller and quieter multi-rotor drones are the future, (for surveillance). Load up 20 or 30 of them on a heavy lifter ... and deploy.

  • Pat, I added the video and the information regarding this quad.

  • Please, add the video, tell us what kind of drone it is, did you build it yourself, where can we get it, if you built it yourself, a parts list, oh yeah, and that video, :-) I think your creative shot here is pretty cool. And where was this granite? :-)

  • Interesting...I thought I had this saved as a draft. I guess I hit submit somehow. Oh well, I was going to add the video, but no big deal.
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