Introducing the New 3DR Radio


We’re pleased to announce our new 3DR Radio. Featuring interchangeable air and ground modules (both with native USB connectors), Android tablet compatibility, and a protective case, our new radio delivers unparalleled ease of use for viewing in-flight data, changing missions on the fly, and tuning.

Quite a bit of work went into the new radio design. Our first version was simply a carrier board for the radio module, providing a power supply, an antenna connector and a way to connect to the autopilot or the computer. Our new radio provides an EMI shield over the radio module, EMI filtering chips on all power and signal lines, USB and autopilot connectivity options on the same board, and an enclosure for protection and easy mounting.

Each Telemetry Kit comes with two modules, two antennas, and cables to connect to Pixhawk, APM, PX4, laptop, and Android tablet/phones.


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  • 100KM

    Just got the new 3DR radio's (both 433 and 900 Mhz). Very nice finish! Only problem, the cable supplied does noot fit directly into the telemetry port on APM2.6? Is this an error or am I missing something?

  • Can we use these 3DR radios (maybe by using Droidplanner) to control the arducopter without using a regular TX? The reason I asked is that we are having interference problems with our 2.4Ghz radios (FR Sky DJT modules and FR Sky Taranis), possibly from wifi boosters near the area. We tried using OrangeRX Open LRS TX and RX but the problem there was that they interfere with each other.  We need to fly 6 quadcopters at the same time. We also have wireless lighting controls which also uses 2.4 Ghz.

  • And I am waiting for my rma on mine.  Hopefully the quality control is a bit better on the next one.

  • RFD900 ground and HK cheapo air and 5 miles no sweat.. why spend more? Well maybe I would but after all the chances I've given 3DR, they still come up way short on customer service and support. For example, how open have they been on the delays of the Pixhawk?

  • Sam, the antenna unscrews yes? And any antenna, even a homemade cantenna could be used, or my favorite, a cantenna on an old dish ... one could get some awesome range if they tracked, or auto tracked with a wide beam directional yeah? Maybe one could clamp on to your nearest tower, scrape a bit of paint off?

    The paper clip can come in handy too, clean the fingernails, poke the guy with the google glasses on, you can even shoot it off a popsicle stick with a rubber band, but only if you have a PHD in that sort of thing. ;-)

  • John, if you want to get into why DIY Drones is literally the worst place to make a joke, lets start a new discussion because I can assure you this is in fact true. I have been making jokes for many years and have written them from scratch so I know a little about the principles and theory of comedy.

    In all seriousness now, I know about watts and milliwatts and the powers of ten. The reason we ship the antennas we do with the 3DR Radio kits is because we want to keep the price reasonable, you would know that high quality antennas are not cheap, and including something better by default would increase the price to over $100 USD. We will be offering higher quality antennas as an option soon, though (vinyl coated paper clips instead of that uncoated crap).

  • Developer

    Thanks Guy. That radio looks nice.

  •  If you would like to get into why a watt radio is going to be better than 1 milliwatt lets start a new discussion because I can assure you I can prove your statement is wrong Sam. I know you guys want to sell the new radios but you need to also not put incorrect information out.  I have been involved in RF for many years and have built amplifiers from scratch so I do know a little about the principles and theory of RF Transmission.  

    A 10dB difference when a uav is in a marginal area ( trees, buildings etc)  with its telemetry makes a difference. Plus if you guy would just even sell the new radios with an antenna better than a paper clip it would make a world of difference also. The first thing I did when I received the radios was toss the antennas. Friend me and I will give you my phone number we can talk about it. 

  • RFD900u is definitely looking good. I'll want to get my hands on a pair once they're available.

  • Developer

    @Guy MacCaldin

    Please tell more about his RFD900u, only if you can of course.

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