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I was hoping someone could guide me through setting up my new Iris.   I am connected to the Iris from my windows laptop.   The Pixhawk  is responding, but I am not sure if what I am seeing on mission planner under configuration is what is stored on my Iris.    I want to be able to change the RTH, RTL and the battery low Altitude to a higher level.  I do see the RTL but nothing about RTH.   Also what is the difference.   Say I start flying at a open field do I have to set the RTH or RTL  a bit confused on that.  


Also is it possible to change one of the switches on my Flysky that came with it to have the Iris fly the way I push the control stick no matter the orientation of the Iris


I wish there was a complete video for us who are very new to all this,  but I am sure with a little guidance I will be ok.


Thanks for any help


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    RTL and RTH are the same thing. What you're calling Return to Home we call Return to Launch which is where your copter first gets GPS lock.

    This page in the wiki explains the flight modes and how to set them. You're interested in simple or super simple mode.

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