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I am taking my first steps into the drone world and am hoping to get some assistance. As a Videographer that's begin to make his mark on the world one thing I have been wanting to do is to buy a drone in order to shoot some aerial footage with my trusty GoPro. Unfortunately, being a college student, I cannot drop $1,000 on a high end drone. That said I was wondering if yall would be so kind as to suggest some low cost beginner drones that wont break the bank but are powerful enough to carry my GoPro and let me get my feet wet.

And if there is anyone here that's in the Lynchburg, VA area that would be willing to meet up and give me some tips that would be awesome!

Many Thanks!


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  • This is not powerful enough to carry a full sized gopro (potentially the session but I am not completely sure) But this would allow you to get your feet wet into the world of drone photography and with a 720p camera its not a horrible starter, not to mention its fun and would allow you to see what your filming and get familiar with the controlls. If you want somet

    If you want a videographer quality drone you are going to have to go with something like the phantom

    I have flown both and they are amazing drones and fun to film with! Hope this helps!

    • Orrrr the Solo is on for $599 right now in the states, with gimbal. That price can not be beat. Please read all rules, instructions and limitations of whatever drone you decide before you toss it in the air.


      3DR Solo Super Deal

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