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Reach: first affordable RTK GPS receiver

Reach is for applications when your standard GPS with several meters accuracy just won’t cut it. It relies on RTK (real-time kinematics) technology to deliver centimeter level accuracy.

RTK was here for a long time, used mostly by surveyors and unaffordable to hobbyists and makers. If you needed centimeter precise positioning you had to spend thousands of dollars on an RTK system. With Reach we want to change that.

Reach runs open-source RTK processing software called RTKLIB written by Tomoji Takasu. Previously a computer was required to run RTKLIB, but now all RTKLIB features are available directly on Reach.

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  • I already have one from Tersus.

    I did this test with a 85cm square table in the backyard with half sky being covered by trees and house.



    • Impressive table test! I`m still messing around with my units. 7 green satelites on base and rover, but still no float/fix...Hmmm??? 

      Anyway, great to see that it "should" work.

      • You should get one from Tersus.
        • Depends...

          Tersus is 2x800$ isn`t it?

          Reach RTK is much smaller and if you combine a base (250$) with a Navio+ flight controller with RTK lib for the same price as a Pixhawk without GPS module... Then it`s a great deal. 

          • No. High version Précis is $799, Tersus is $499.
            • For rover and base module? Sorry, I find the website rather confusing. They should state much more clearly what exactly I should buy from them.

              How easy is the system to setup and run? Do you need an additional datalink or can it send correction data via Mavlink?


              • I only see 799 swiss francs on their site for Precis.

                • Sorry, Guys, we are just promoting the products. the website is just built from scratch.

                  Usually you got L1 GPS RTK for the DIY users, but Precis is DUAL frequency L1/L2 RTK, which is much better than L1 only RTK because it can solve many problem under harsh situation, such as  under trees, beside a high building. also Precis is triple system, it track GPS, China Beidou, and Glonass. the system is capable to do RTK even you see half sky!! 

                  You need wireless datalink, and two Precis to do the RTK. later version maybe come with wireless datalink, stay tune!

                  We will add more the online store, such as wireless, antenna, and cable etc.

                  any question just drop me line in the website:

                  • we are using in-house ASIC, and the RTK update rate is 10hz with all the L1/L2 GPS Beidou Glonass running. it consume lot's of MIPS to do RTK if you have dual frequency and three system enabled. it's almost 5 times observation data collecting and calculating than usual GPS L1 only RTK.

                  • Interessting. Emlid has told me that they will use Golonasss/Beju and later on Gallileo as well for their RTK solution. Since as you say the number of satelites with good reception is critical.

                    The trouble with that is that the update rate of the GPS module usually goes down when you activate multiple systems. So out of curiosity, what modules are you using / what`s your rtk update rate with all systems enabled?

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