New to Ardupilot and Need some help! Difference between APM and my setup?

I recently bought this setup:

Ardupilot main board (ATMega 328) 
V2 Shield 
EM406 GPS 
FMA X Y and Z sensors 
FTDI programming cable 
All interconnecting cables

I was wondering what the difference between this setup was and the original Ardupilot Mega is?

Any one who has my setup, I have the manual and it seems straight forward but any tips for a new UAVer?

I am very skilled in RC and FPV and wanted to try my hand at UAVing.

Thanks for everything!

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What you have us the "legacy ArduPilot", which came before APM and was discontinued a few years ago. ArduIMU (the category you posted this in) is yet a different board, which you don't have. So I changed the category to the right one. 

The legacy ArduPilot is no longer officially supported, but it still works fine and you can find the original manual here

First off, sorry for posting in the right part but Thank you for the information! Do you think this would be a good setup for someone to learn and experiment with? 

From what I see I will still be able to do waypoints and such. I am sure there is a way to link it to my laptop so I can fly it with my joy stick via laptop. Where is the best place to learn about this older board?

It's going to be a bit frustrating, because the software is more limited than modern autopilots (like APM) and the setup is more complicated. But since you've already got it, you might as well try it out to learn some of the basics. The manual should be all you need. 

Hi!!! Also i'm new to ardupilot and i'm an owner of this "old and no longer supported" board!!! ;-) It's possible to know the newest code compatible with this version? The last version work with it or we must load a specific version? Thanks!!!!

2.7.1. Everything is in the manual. Please just follow that.

Thanks chris for all the replies! I am having more troubles though even after reading the manual through and through.

When I am trying to debug the RC inputs all the inputs look good except for my Channel 1. The channel 1 is continually decreasing even though I have it plugged in and all the other channels are responsive according to the serial monitor.

BUT the servos are completely unresponsive when I have it in manual mode even though the servo output Debug said that everything was working fine except for that darn Channel 1.

Would a video help make this easier to understand?

Thanks so much Chris as I am very stuck at the moment.

Happy New Year! 

Steve, as mentioned I'm afraid we don't support that board anymore. I don't even have one myself. Perhaps someone in the community here can help you. 

Hi Steve!!! Would you like to start a "cooperation" with me!?!? I'm in your same situation, with hardware (only ardupilot and 406 gps, no shield) and too much difficult to start!!!!

Steve and Luca,

I do have a board set up and although not an expert I can try to help you if you describe the problem.

Steve : I don't think you can use a Joystick with that board to control the plane since the only GCS that support it is HK GCS and that only for telemetry if I am not mistaken.


Hey sorry guys but I just sold my Ardu legacy and GPS and now I am going to step up to the New APM v2. It looks way easier to program


Sorry! but good luck, I know you can figure it out but as for me I have no time to really tinker with it and the New APM V2 looks like it wont frustrate me as much or require as much tinkering time.

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