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Basically for hobby, i'm interested about all the things can be remoted controlled!!!!!



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luca posted a discussion in ArduRover User Group
Hi all!!!!! Can anyone tell me and help me if it's possible to use this version of ardupilot, legacy, for test it on the ground on an rc car? I have one of this and i never be able to really test it.... i'm so sad!!!!
Dec 18, 2012
luca left a comment on ArduPilot (legacy) User Group
"Hi all!!!! Two years ago i purchased one of this "old" ardupilot with an em-406 module, and i never be able to really test for the little number of members that can/want to help a newbie like me.. Now the numbers seems incredibly increase!!! Can…"
Dec 13, 2012
luca left a comment on ArduPilot (legacy) User Group
"Yuhhuuu!!!!!!!!!!! Finally someone come back to talk about this old piece of electronic!!! Some months ago i bought one of this with an em-406, but i have never really used couse anyone can/want help me... now i'll bring it again and i'll try to ask…"
Jul 6, 2012
luca replied to Steve Price's discussion New to Ardupilot and Need some help! Difference between APM and my setup?
Jan 2, 2012
luca replied to Stefan Weber's discussion FTDI Cable Selfmade
"Hi, i had made one with this chip http://www.sparkfun.com/products/718 you have to use CTS, V3.3, GND, RXD, RTS, TXD pin and it work well! You will use it with ardupilot?"
Dec 21, 2011
luca replied to luca's discussion Question about ardupilot 1.0 code
"pleas someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Dec 13, 2011
luca posted a discussion
Hi!!!!! Can someone help me in the first step of my experience with ardupilot?! (red board) For now i'd like to test it only with gps, an em406, and i'd like to try it on a car or on a plane, (i have an rc plane like easy star), i have also an FMA…
Dec 11, 2011
luca replied to luca's discussion first programming help!!!
"Ok, solved"
Dec 10, 2011
luca posted a discussion
Hi, i'm trying to make first test of an ardupilot red board, first i'd like to test on the ground, like with the NE test software, but when i try to compile with arduino ide 22, 23, or the last version, i have some compiling error... i have to use…
Dec 10, 2011
luca posted a discussion
Hi all, i'm a newbie here, from italy!! I'm trying to upload code for the first time to ardupilot, it's possible to use with this usb/ftdi breakout board? http://www.sparkfun.com/products/718my ESC gives 8 V, not 5, so i think i'll try to power it…
Nov 28, 2011