Hello Everyone,

Have just joined the group have been flying various things for years and work in a large model shop in the Uk, anyway have been fascinated with multirotor so built myself a hexacopter (have never soldered so much in my life :) i done the project with a cheap board and it works ok but i am now looking at GPS hold , so the ardu board looks the best, i am very computer literate but totaly confused with what board add on's i need can anyone give me a brief outline on what parts i need, and what software?


You have probably answered this loads of times before but i do learn quick?


Many thanks in advance


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Assuming you already have a multi-rotor frame, Basically all you need for your multi rotor is a full ardupilot mega kit, with a Magnetometer (compass).


The only software you require is the Ardupilot Mega mission planner (download here) which you use to upload the firmware onto the board with a few mouse clicks (no programming needed).  The planner also lets you configure your board for your multi-rotor.  Finally you can also use the program to plan missions by clicking on a map to set waypoints for your multirotor to fly to.


All the details to get you started are located at the arducopter wiki


If you have any other questions just let me know

Hello Marc,


Welcome to the forums, the items you will require are sold in the Full Ardupilot Mega kit, the kit will include the GPS, Ardupilot Mega, Oilpan IMU, USB cable and 5 female to female leads for the RC RX to APM connection. You will only then need add a Mag to this which is used for the position hold.


You can add these connecting wires to your kit for the connection to the RX - APM if you feel you need a little more distance between the RX and APM. I recommend that you use one of these wires to take power from the APM upto the RX. The use of these also looks a lot better than the servo cables.


If you wanted to add additional items like Sonars & mounts I have these too.


Feel free to take a look at my photos here I have a complete Arducopter build log in images, I have built the odd one or two :)


I own and run the web store www.buildyourowndrone.co.uk here in the UK and supply these kits either pre soldered (if you have had enough of sitting with the iron in your hand) or as a kit which you can, well solder :)


You wil not need to do anything else other than fit the APM, flash the code and follow the on screen instructions. You might find that there could be some PID tuning needed, but this is a little trial and error :)


Where are you based in the UK Marc?


If you have any other questions please feel free to drop me a mail.





Many thanks for the reply, do i have to purchase the pc software seperatly , i mean the software to profram the GPS co-ordinates.




I am in worthing on the south coast i have a small job i have been hired for to video a large private estate so the GPS waypoints will be very handy.

Hi Marc,


The GCS is free to use and only needs to be pulled down off the web, it's nice and easy to use :)


The Mission planner is both used to load the code and also the waypoints to the Ardupilot. If you needed some assistance I could always show you how to use the mission planner and load the code for the first time, will save you a little light night time reading :)


You are not to far away from me then, I'm up in Basingstoke and have friends down your way, you might hace seen I hold DZ events, this are normally in Guildford so would not be too far for you if you wanted to come to one! I should have another one lined up some time soon :)


I have some pictures here on my profile page from the last DZ if you would like to take a look.






Many thanks Martin i know guildford well used to work at ericsson there for many years would be great to come along and meet everyone.

You would be most welcome Marc, please drop an email to me at the events @buildyourowndrone.co.uk with the subject line marked DZ3, I will then fire you an email about the event closer to the time, if you have some toys to bring that would be even better :)






Marc, we have a page that shows everything you need right in the tabs above (and in the manual). Did you find that page and it didn't answer your questions, or did you not find that page? (In which case, what should we be doing to make it more obvious?)

Check out the DiYDrones store.

Here's the kit that's almost all complete.

Full Kit.


All you need to add is:

Magnetometer for heading hold.


Sonar for low altitude hold (the Oilpan in the full kit has a barom...

Hello Chris,

Many thanks just had a good look answers a lot of my question's changing the PID's is very interesting i am currently may i say it here.... using a kk board so its time to sell one opf my jets

and go for the full ardupilot :)

Thanks Ellison cant wait to start using the equipment :)

I had a kk board too, before the Arducopter.  Flying is night and day.  Arducopter is hands down worth the money.  The acceleromters help to keep the craft level, but default PID makes the yaw too locked in.  You'll probably want to adjust the yaw pid to suit you better.

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