Hi all,

I am a new drone pilot.  After purchasing my first drone (x13 Storm), I have become hooked on drones.  So far, I have advanced my manual piloting skills using a controller where the left stick controls altitude and turning and the right stick for leaning front, right, back and left.

I'd like to continue with manual controls, as my fun comes from piloting the drone manually.  However, I would like to advance to a bigger/longer flying drone, perhaps with a camera.

Would anyone here have any suggestions for someone starting out?  I'd like to stay under or close to $300 and do not mind building from a Kit if needed.  My current flight time on a fully charged battery is about 7 minutes.  I'd like to extend this to 15 if possible.  Light winds are also an issue with this small thing.


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Hi striker

It is good to see your enthusiasm in drones. Since you have already mastered your flying skills maybe now you would like to do some interesting things with drones.

You may find some of these drones to your needs

  • The parrot Bebop 2
  • ZeroTech Dobby
  • Yuneec Breeze
  • MJX Bugs 2
  • Hubsan H501S

Under 100$

  • MJX Bugs 3
  • Ryze tello
  • The Eachine M80

If you are looking for something to tinker with like make the drone do any kind of stuff u want or build the drone from scratch using kits you can try

  • PlutoX
  • Crazyflie

-Prasanna Shevare

 Drona Aviation


Thanks for your reply.  I didn't imagine it would take over a year for someone to comment on this discussion.



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