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Hi all,

Recently got a tarot 650 quad up and running with a pixhawk fc.

Running 3.3.2 firmware.

I have had a couple of successful flights, only close line of sight, an autotune etc.

It definitely needed more tuning as I dont think the autotune was great due to a bit of wind.

It was definitely flyable though, stab, loiter, alt hold working ok.

This particular day i tried RTL for the first time. It worked a treat. Was very happy with the test.

I then disarmed. Rearmed and was going to test RTL again. But as soon as i got the quad up and flying,

it just seemed to not respond to what i was trying to tell it to do, or it wasnt responding to the controls i was giving it.

I barely avoided a crash and brought it down a little hard. Nothing major though.

Now im new to this, only just got this quad up and running for test flighs, But i have attached the log of the last flight, where it went a bit bonkers.

Im useless at reading the logs to give me clear guidance as to what was wrong, if anyone could offer some help that would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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  • updated so there is a bin and a log, not sure which you need.


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