I'm totally new to this and wanted to make a drone.  I was looking at a Reaper or SR-71 Build.  I am going to fly the drone long distances 30-40 miles away and back.  Can anyone help me with what parts i need and all?  

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Thats really big distance for the beginning. You should always start with something small. Get yourself a Bixler, learn to fly it, then install APM on it and have fun.

40 miles is very ambitious. There are few control systems that would work over that distance. You could just program the autopilot and have it fly off, hoping it makes it back on its own. Sounds like an easy way to loose a drone to me.

It doesn't hurt to Dream! first plane "0"experience has to be a Reaper with 30 -40 mile range and back that is right up there with scratch building with ' 0 "experience. IT is not cheap scratch building  maby twice as much as a R.T.F. unless you are experienced and have a few broken planes laying around If you want to save a couple thousand $ . and not have a flight to crash ratio of 1 to 1 for a while Here is what you do Get a flight simulator on your computer (Real flight or equivalent )and a large coffee can every time you hit the re set button on the simulator when you crash Put 25 cents in the can when you can take off and land in 6 different airplanes in both directions 4 times each continuously without crashing take the money out of the can and put it towards a modest R.T. F.like a Blixer or a Easy Star You don't just assemble parts and go fly Good luck Follow along there. is really skilled and highly intelligent people on this web site that do amazing stuff GoodLuck and welcome aboard! The Reaper can be your second plane once you know what you are doing.

40 miles is very ambitious. There are few control systems that would work over that distance. You could just program the autopilot and have it fly off, hoping it makes it back on its own. Sounds like an easy way to loose a drone to me.


Further, this is the exact type of activity the government will knee jerk on and force us into heavy regulation.

News flash: amateur UAV hits high tension lines causing massive blackout and raging fire. Pilot said he knew he was flying out of range and had no control over the aircraft.

2 Days later: Governments around the world enfore strict regulations on UAVs. Pilots are required to have a license, secondary controls, and register each flight path.

Only thing is, they do that now. Just wait, the day is coming when it starts getting enforced.

I second #2. Buy very expensive components, expensive ones are more reliable. Put them in a drone and tell the autopilot to fly 40km away.

Let us know if it comes back. :)

That's a great idea with the can.

Seriously what the newbie wants to do...  not realistic at all.

> when you can take off and land in 6 different airplanes in both directions 4 times each continuously without crashing

On a more serious note than fly an expensive drone 40k and see if it comes back...

The whole point is to have fun. 6 planes 4 times each is a little extreme IMO. Great experience if you don't get bored and give up. I'd settle for being able to fly a figure 8 in front of yourself and land one plane 4 times out of 5.

Buy a cheap foam plane, like a Bixler, or AXN Clouds Fly. Find a nice big deserted field 300m x 300m. Have some glue handy for when you crash it. Then get out there and have a go. It's quite satisfying just seeing a plane in the air, you don't need anything extreme for it to be fun.

Eddie after you have been flying a simulator for an hour every other day for a month and a half you get a ' Feel for it "and you can fly all day .The idea of the can is to help pay for the plane and of course have fun! I with the simulator training when you do get and  launch your plane you are looking at what the plane is doing in the air not trying to concentrate on what you should be doing with your hands landing and flares become a reflex action

I think the idea is that you need to know the different flight models because you can't be sure that your actual physical plane is going to match the simulator.

Using different planes in the sim will make it so that you learn how to actually correct based on what you're seeing rather than getting "muscle memory" that might not work on your plane.

It's always good to keep switching models so that you learn to quickly adapt to different flight characteristics. 

It is interesting? because most of us veteran pilots agree. A "New Bee" should get a flight simulator and go practice on that before they get a RTF like a Blixer or Sky walker and take to the Air.I wonder if any body has told them what to do with the
flight simulator once they get it and  set up?Throw in your comments for what the New Bee should do once he gets his
flight simulator ?The way I see  It could go one of 2 ways?  Become a video game or a useful tool on the road to RC flight.  

1. as a video Game : Select the fastest jet hold the throttle wide open every time it hits the ground and stops spinning hit the reset button take it back up and enjoy!

2.. As a learning tool: Select a modest fixed wing or trainer from the plane pool there  will be several ( cessna etc)click on the binocular feature that will bring up a large image on the screen of the plane so you can see what it is doing when it gets far away from you. On take off 3/4 to full throttle try to keep the nose down and climb out on a gentle angle slowly turn the plane until  you are looking at the side of it in the binocular image then keep the wings level reduce the throttle to 1/3 (every plane in the simulator will fly on 1/3 throttle)  then adjust the elevator trim up or down so it is flying level .When the plane is properly trimmed you should not have to touch the controlls for it to fly level. Climbing and decending is just like a big plane Air speed with attitude (distance of the nose above or below the horizon ) Altitude with power remember ?or mark the position of the throttle. Without touching the elevator ,add a bit of power the plane will  begin to climb bring the power back to the marked position the plane will level out reduce the power setting a little the plane will decend bring the throttle back to the marked position, the plane will level out and fly level. Now here is the big one and why you bought the simulator in the first place and where new foam planes usually bite the dust. Slowly turn the plane with the airlerons until the plane  is coming right at you in the binocular image and try and keep the wings level until it flies right over your head .Coming at you the controls revers left is right and right is left and only with practice you will get the hang of it after it flies over your head the controls reverse again  and are going the right way . limit your intense training sesson to about 4 or 5 minute's (It has been found learning a new skill with intense consentration is fruit less after 4 or 5 minutes and you loose what you have learned ) then try flying all the planes. even the helicopters.Try to get an hour every other day with a 4 min training session in there some where . In no time you will be able to controll all the planes even the jets  on the simulator trim them for level flight and be able to set up proper climbs  decents and landings . GOOD LUCK! an ":HAVE FUN!

You know I too am new to the RC Drone world with ambition to apply it to my job in law enforcement and SAR.  I have been reading the forum here for the last couple days and I have to say that many of you 'veterans' should be ashamed of yourselves for the way you treat those of us wishing to get into the hobby.  In many cases I've read on this forum, a 'noob' will ask what I too as a 'noob' feel is a viable question and it's met with sarcasm if it is fortunate enough to get any response at all.  Don't forget that there was a time that you too were new at this and desperately sought out real help and real answers.  Flying a UAV on a long distance flight would be quite useful in the SAR world and I for one read this thread hoping for non-sarcastic informative answers.....silly me.  If this general attitude is indicative of the majority of the UAV community, I'll find another hobby.  If their is anyone out there that genuinely would like to assist a law enforcement officer in providing a service to a very remote county with a high volume of SAR calls that can do so in a non-demeaning manner and help me from beginning to end, please pm me.  Thanks.

Ted, sorry that you got that impression from some of the members on this forum.  It is obvious some members take their personal frustrations out on those that they feel less inclined to empathize with.  I for one feel if you can afford the plunge, buy your gear and start flying.  A lot of the veteran members here started just that way.  Simulators have their purpose and utility, but they can only prepare you up to a certain degree, and you will still likely crash on your first real flight.  With an EPO like the bixler you can afford to have some crashes while learning.  

However, the 40 mile range is possible, just maybe not on the airframe your wanting and the price point you may be expecting.  It also depends on how you want to use it, and for what purpose.  For something like what you and Angaddeep are wanting will require a community effort, and the people capable of helping you do it are here.  If you need help I would be glad to help you as long as it is within the scope of my knowledge. Outside that scope I will try to point you to the right person or persons'.  Real question is are you willing to put in the time and money to do it? 

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