next-Gen Quiet heavylift-endurance Multirotors

Hi there friendly people of DIY Drones

I've been using and building drones for a few years now, and general shortcomings, I find are: noise, flight time, payload capacity, waterproof space for sensor and computing additions. These shortcomings of course all have good reasons to be there.

Some of the things I've done in the past are: made a really big rig (2m span) that's capable of ~1hr hover, and a few kg's payload; made some smaller rigs with some interesting technologies such as vertical surface extended docking (windows/walls). After a whole lot of effort and time, myself and fellow collaborators at Crimson UAV have come up with the Talon6UAV. It is designed to be a premier aerial photography, survey, and R&D drone.


Some of the key aspects are:
    Quiet Operation: Large 26" carbon props operated by high torque motors in an alternating overlapping pattern enables a stable and quiet flight
    Endurance: Lightweight and elegant deign coupled with up to 888Wh of battery capacity enable long flights ~40minutes
    Low Downtime: A rail and car battery changing system enables seamless no nonsense battery swaps to keep your business in the air
    Development: Dedicated waterproof space and power supplies for companion computers and sensing equipment allow this craft to be quickly modified to your needs.    

I would really appreciate any feedback, thoughts or ideas from all the knowledgeable people here.

The aircraft page can be seen at Crimson UAV

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