After hours of work I've finally figured out how to make the USB OTG cable work with a Nexus 7 2013 withoyt having to root and instal custom firmware. the trick is to enable developer mode and thats it worked like a champ after that. goto about tablet under settings, at the bottom of the list click Build number 7-8 times then it will say you are now a developer and viola! now when i plug in the usb otg cable with a 3dr radio "I'm using a HK radio clone" it pops up askin you if you want to open droidplanner or andropilot!! I fought with this for over 8 hours today and almost rooted my device over this issue!! 

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  • didnt work. any other ideas?  still getting mavlink error.  says its connected using a OTG USB controller, but droidplanner cant find it.

    • Same problem with my device. I have bought new android phone (Sony E2003) and it appears doesn't "see" my radio.

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