Hi all I've been struggling for months now trying to get Ardupilot to work on my JSFrenzy 90 (converted to electric) my issue tho has nothing to do with the helicopter itself. Before I even mounted the Ardupilot to the heli I've ran into an issue with radio calibration.

I'm using the Orange Tx and 9ch Orange Rx. From the start I couldn't get any throttle working. In the MP radio calibration section throttle does not respond at all. Values stay at 1499-1499 and instead it moves ''radio 8'' which I don't think should happen. ''radio 8'' is supposed to be setup for a specific switch to work. so I did some research and found my ''RC_MAP_THROTTLE'' was on value 3. so I changed it to value 8 and now ''radio 8'' and ''throttle'' move together and in the ''failsafe'' section on MP if I now move throttle all 3 pitch servos move so I think it might be fixed.

But my problem now is elevator does not respond. I've already bought another APM but got the exact same problem so obviously the issue must be the Orange equipment. I've also seen on a few forums that Orange Rx is a problem.

Should I just get Spectrum equipment???

Any help at all would be appreciated.


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I never used the channel mapping, but it is known to have issues that should be fixed with 3.3.

As it seems, you know that 'Throttle' = collective pitch in 3.2.1 (see wiki) and rpm's can be covered by H_RSC_MODE=1 on channel 8.

You should be able to set up your Orange radio in a very simple mode without any mixing (i.e. some use Acro, some prefer Helicopter H-1 mode) where you can check with a servo if the RX is putting out a signal for aileron, elevator, 'throttle'=collective pitch and rudder. If you can get another channel to work for the Flight Modes with a 3/4/6 position switch than you could even use H_RSC_MODE=2 for your ESC and you should be fine.

You need channel 8 input only for H_RSC_MODE=1, where the TX sends the desired rpms to the ESC via the RX+APM. With H_RSC_MODE=2 you tell the APM the desired PWM(rpms).

First I would check the Orange radio for proper operation, next I would use terminal in MP and do erase and reset to get a clean default parameter set, than connect the RX output with the correct APM input one at a time and check for proper operation.

Hey thanx for the info Ultrufuge. So it turns out you shouldnt follow any connection instructions when using an orange rx... or maybe its just me. Im new with these APMs. Really appreciate the help. Autopilot is up an running :)

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