No GPS Fix?

Well this seems odd to me and no idea what to do.

I have 3DR Quad about a year old - I haven't been able to do anything with it for awhile and just getting back to it now.  APM 2.6.  I have a new receiver and Taranis FRSKY radio so getting everything hooked up.

I know gps was working in March because I did work on the copter for a bit and tested it then but didn't get any further.

There is power to GPS (Solid Red Light) but no lock showing on GPS.  I am getting flashing blue light so looks like GPS is powered up properly.  I tried loading the latest firmware 3.5.1 but that has not helped.

Not sure where to go from here so any idea would be quite welcome.



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  • before you replace the gps - check your gps wires for continuity, check the antenna connection- ive had wires break and the gps antenna connection come loose

    • Ok thanks for the tip - I'll give that a go.


  • How long did you wait for the lock?   Did you move inbetween?   It may take up to 30 minutes if it needs to download the ephemeris / almanac info. If it's longer than 30 minutes you're probably not getting a good gps signal (faulty antenna?). You should also check after power-off if it takes the same amount of time or only about a minute or so. Most GPS's save the info into EEPROM so it boots up faster next time. Hot-starts even have a battery to enable start-ups under a second.

    • Thanks for the reply- this is taoglas model.  I believe it has an internal antenna.  I never had a problem getting a fairly quick lock before.   But I am in quite a bit different part of the country now.  I feel pretty sure it was longer than 30 minutes but I may have moved or restarted in between.  I've been out for part of the day so going to give it another go now.



      • Also in Mission Planner it shows Sats as 0 - so I don't think it is downloading anything.

        • Sounds like it's got a problem when it stays that way. Usually you get a 2D fix within a couple of minutes at least. Just final confirmation as it wasn't stated: you test outside, right?

          • I did test outside.  so the only option you think is to replace the gps module?


            • If you're not getting any satellite ever outside, it sounds broken to me. unless someone else has another idea on this forum...

  • Oh - also tried powering up from both USB and Battery - same results

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