On new APM1 system, the instructions went smooth up to setup -radio check. No variable bars. on exit all 6CH read 0=min  3000= max.  Latest AMP, new hardware, arduplane software. functional Tx.  Servos follow the stick OK!. Modes switch OK, params load OK.

Conditions. Platform levels, GPS locks. Stick to surface OK, Tx and Rx LEDs functioning. Mavlink connected and working,  CLI switch in 1 position (away from connecter pins). All new system and my first experience with it.

Any advice would be appreciated. Looks like I can fly without the calib since everything is OK but might be risky.  Thanks Mike Cowan

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sounds like the board is not seeing your radio inputs. on the base board is the blue ppm led flashing?

Good call. The PPM LED is on solid - the Appendix says it should be flashing if I understand the text properly.

It's a puzzelment - The stick response says the MUX is working, The Auto mode stick response also works- but then the mode signal might not be recognized by the CPU Moving the A/C in AUTO doesn't produce a control surface correction.  My guess is the CPU might not be running - but why. Could I have missed a S/W initialization step? What could stop the CPU from starting up?

Also this is the second new A/P board. The original one flew nicely up until the APM updates got ahead of me and I thought I killed the PPM servo outputs. pulling plugs in and out- Went to other projects for a couple of months-fired this new one up today. Hmm maybe the old board really works too.

I'm in the interesting position of knowing the digital and flight control theory backwards and forwards  including DCM- from a career - but an absolute novice with current technology.  The DIY group appears to be an advanced race from outer space to me.. Fantastic accomplishments.


Back to you.


Mike Cowan

Just noticed something during power down.  Both LiPo and USB connected - blue light solid.  When LiPO disconnected.  PPM blue LED flashes properly.  COnnecting LiPo sets it to solid again.

Michael!  I can't thank you enough for the tip about the PPM light. Last spring I had been flying the EZ* with a 3 cell battery which I then installed on my foamboard system test bed.  I just substituted the flight 3cell rated ESC and the PPM began to work. Tried the old foamboard ESC with a 2 cell batt. and again the PPM worked.  I'll stick with flight H/W from now on!

Thanks so much.
Mike Cowan

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