No RC Receiver message

3691073617?profile=originalMy first flight today with a amp 2.5 installed in a fpv phantom wing the flight was great in manual .

Though I do have a few issues first is this message no rc receiver in mission planner yet everything is connected up?.

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  • Has anyone ever tried to contact 3DR technician with all there weird APM problems?

    I would think that they would have more answers.

    I'm not sure how much support they would be as I tried contacting them on another issue and was told to go to this forum for answers.

    • T3

      Were the APM's people are using purchased direct from 3DR or were they clones? If they were clones, they don't really have a reason to support it through typical support channels.

      • Bot5h my APM are from 3DR. they have 3DR stamps on them.

  • How did you fix this? If you did.
  • I have had this problem for a long time now. I don't understand why the message says "No RC Receiver" as a result of whatever test it makes. The receiver is there if an arm was attempted resulting in this message. What test failed? A better message here would be helpful.
    • Actually I have had this message and the no heartbeat message on two of my APM 2.5 controllers. I am so frustrated and after trying all the fixes I could find I've decided to scrap the APM's and find a more reliable flight controller.

      Maybe try the NAZA or.....?

      I tried contacting 3DR directly for help but got no where.

      • I have been tempted and may do too. Soon.
  • Ok I now have this problem on my APM. No RC receiver.I got the error when trying to am.I have uploaded the latest firmware,the radio is calibrated properly.I can watch it in Mission Planner.Compass & GPS fix is ok. I changed the parameter to ignore all items before arming.This APM is in a Quanum Nova quad copter.

    It was working previously.

    Any assistance is appreciated.

  • T3

    I got the same message flying yesterday as well. I'm running ArduPlane 2.74b and before I went out to fly, MP said there was an update so I updated. I never had this issue before.

    Regardless, the plane flew fine but every time I had some "warning" message spoken out, it would say there is no receiver before saying the other warning. Without another warning, it wouldn't say anything about the receiver even though the text indicated otherwise.

  • Another thread on this.. somewhere here. anyway, it seems if you update the apm firmware it fixes this.

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