No throttle input from Tx.

Hi,I've got everything working on my UAV; all hardware connected, software downloaded. When power is on, the LEDs tell me I've got a GPS fix, the power is on and I have control of elevator rudder and ailerons. When I flip the CH 5 switch, the MUX light goes on and the rudder shifts slightly. Everything works as expected except the motor! With manual control (Mux light out) I'll raise the throttle stick and nothing happens. Also, I don't hear the beep sequence I normally get when I first turn on my Jeti 40 Plus ESC.Does anyone else have these issues?Thanks,Bryan

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  • Sometimes when revert from Auto to Manual mode,the throttle will not be functioning not until lowering the stick all the way down then up again.
  • I am having the similar problem (replaced ESC by a servo and confirmed Ardupilot not controlling the throttle).Sometimes when flip CH5 back to manual control,throttle not functioning not until lower the stick to minimum and go back to to half.Monitoring on Arduboard 6pin output and found the following message:Mot: 114 Yaw: 66 Alt: 65531 Crs: 353 Dis: 2 Des: 180,the Altitude sometimes has a funny reading.

  • Hi Brian
    i downloaded the jedi advance manual , and see it should arm if it is powered up with the throttle stick set to low , this is pretty standard for most ESC's i am familiar with

    i am wondering if you have tried setting the ATV ( or travel adjustment ) in your TX to a lower setting

  • Looks like I diagnosed the problem to the Jeti Advance 40 ESC. A Jeti Eco ESC and a Castle creations ESC work fine. I've posted findings in the "other hardware" forum to inform others of this issue.
  • Thanks Guys,
    When I get home tonight I'll check the solder joints and do the "servo test" per copperclad.
    I'm powering the board via ESC and I've double/triple checked connections
  • hi Bryan
    it sounds like your ESC is not initializing , try plugging one of the servos into the throttle channel to see if you have a servo signal and how it behaves , like Chris says check your solder joints , i have found it is easy to get a cold joint , HTH
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    We don't see that problem. Can you tell me how you're powering the board? Via the ESC or a separate power source? And are you sure you've got all the connectors in the right way?

    The only explanation I can think of is a poor solder joint at either the input or output pins on the throttle channel. There's really nothing else that can wrong in that circuit (it's not affected by code)
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