No XBee data sent/received by Ardupilot

After building this setup we got a blinking led on the GPS module, a couple of led's on the ardupilot and finally blinking green led on the sending XBee module. Unfortunately we get no data from the Xbee whatsoever. The red led is not giving any sign of data. An 'ATND' (Node detect) on the PC side gives back the ardupilot XBee and the red led is on for a second or two. We used the EM406 GPS and our XBee's are on 57600kbs. We also varied the TX and RX on the ardupilot for straightthrough GPS data, but did not work. What could be wrong here?

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    Have you tried removing the Xbee module from the Ardupilot and talking to it directly with your PC to ensure that it is working correctly?
    In some cases the Ardupilot can corrupt the Xbee firmware on power up if the Xbee is powered and connected to the Ardupilot serial line at the time of power up.

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