Dear all,

I have been trying to get a tighter turn on my flying wing but for some reason the plane woun't bank more than 45.deg. eventhough the bank angle is set to 60.deg.

can anyone help me with the paramereters that need to be set for a flying wing for a tighter turn? 

Many thanks in advance!


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  • Neil, the NAVL1_period was perfect. The dia went down to about 20 meters!

    Bank angle is not even close to 60deg, it stops arround 50.

    Any new ideas would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • it has a 70m turning diameter with 1,7m wingspan.

    i'm uploading the log

    thanks for looking into this

    2014-10-03 11-03-58.tlog
  • Hi Tom

    Sounds like your roll PID has not been set optimally hence the 45deg when 60 is the true limit. Nevertheless to achieve tighter turns, reduce NAVL1_period, until you achieve the radius you would like or until it starts weaving after the turns. Other factors effecting turn behaviour is waypoint radius etc.

    Good luck

    • Moderator

      Be careful wanting 60 degrees you will cause GPS blanking and have all sorts of issues with staying level as that's quite draggy why on earth do you want that sort of angle? Is it a huge wing that takes stacks of sky to turn??

      Please add a log file so others can see what your aircraft is currently doing.

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