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Neil Dawson replied to Philipp's discussion Looking for NDVI sample data from plantations for research project in Agricultural UAVs
"Hi Phillip
I have several sets of data available (using an Event 38 modified camera co-located with a normal unmodified camera) and I plan on doing some more testing in the near future. If you have a specific need for a certain type of subject send…"
Apr 24, 2017
Neil Dawson replied to Bob Gann's discussion Help identifying these components
"Hi Bob

Your first picture, is of the Ardustation, link below:

It looks like it was never used as the X-Bee module and the holes for attaching the power have never been soldered?

As for the multirotor I do not recognize it.

Kind regards

Oct 12, 2016
Neil Dawson replied to Dat0's discussion Arduino Boat
"Hi Dat0
You don't need to worry, your "flight Plan" defines a required track and the boat follows the course as best as possible to achieve the desired track and not heading. And it will also adjust speed (within limits) to maintain a desired…"
Sep 8, 2016
Neil Dawson replied to rrayden's discussion Long Range on 433 Mhz SiK Telemetry
"Hi Rrayden

With the RMILEC on the ground control station side and the standard antenna that comes with the radios, I achieve good comms to 20km and occasional/bad comms up to 30km. (LOS obviously) 

I would expect the immersion antenna should be…"
Jun 21, 2016
Neil Dawson replied to Coastwise's discussion Mission Planner...NOT RESPONDING
"I am using windows 7 on an old laptop with very little RAM and no problems with MP,

Thank you Michael great work with great features

Jul 7, 2015
Neil Dawson commented on Teejay's blog post Skywalker UAV Bag / Backpack.
"Also interested in X-8"
Mar 11, 2015
Neil Dawson replied to Fausto Coletti's discussion 433 MHz bidirectional amplifier

I have used these:

This amp reduces the receiving sensitivity, better to use higher gain antennas without these amplifiers, currently achieve approx. 5km with a 1/2 wave…"
Oct 17, 2014
Neil Dawson replied to Tamás L. Páll (Tom)'s discussion NOOB needs help: APM2.6-FW3.0.3 flying wing - I need tighter turn radious.
"Hi Tom
Sounds like your roll PID has not been set optimally hence the 45deg when 60 is the true limit. Nevertheless to achieve tighter turns, reduce NAVL1_period, until you achieve the radius you would like or until it starts weaving after the…"
Oct 3, 2014
Neil Dawson replied to Stephen Zidek's discussion The GPX logs changed with 3.0, need help!
I have had the same in arduplane 2.73, the gpx file starts at 22h00 hrs and ends at 22h00, Lat, long and alt is correct just time is stuck.
Jul 10, 2013
Neil Dawson replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.73 released
"Hi Andrew
Firstly thank you for all your work, 2.73 is working very well thank you.
I have however found a snag which may be a mission Planner issue and not 2.73 non the less herewith the details:
In trying to geo ref the images with mission planner…"
Jun 18, 2013
Neil Dawson left a comment for Grant Olivier
"Hi Grant

I am in Swakopmund and saw your name here, nice to see you playing with a real auto pilot now.

kind regards

May 28, 2012