Mission Planner...NOT RESPONDING

Gentlemen and ladies,

Is there a common and rather frequent occurance of "Mission Planner" freezing or "not responding" while in use?

I use "Windows 7" with no other programs running in the background except "Norton 360" and TSR programs. Mission Planner V1.3.30 (latest build) and earlier versions often (too often)quit in the middle of whatever session (e.g. "config/tuning" or "initial setup")is in progress.

Has anyone had this experience? If so is there a work around ? I am very discouraged when I am so continously forced to close the program, reboot it, then try to reconnect to mavlink or whatever else I was doing.

Thanks for your attention.


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  • I just tried installing the latest MP beta update on a Win 8.1 tablet. Norton identified one of the install files as a Trojan and blocked it, then deleted all the MP files. Is this a real problem or has Norton run amok?
  • Did you try to stop Norton and test again?

    Never had a "freeze" with 1.3.30 or using windows 7 (32 bits) and Avira antivirus.


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    Since the last version you are experiencing I also have frequent lock-ups under windows 7 & 8; It happens erratically but it seems that it happens often when disconnecting or reconnecting a telemetry radio on the computer while an MP session was already active.

    • I experienced exactly the same issue as Hugues too yesterday, using windows 7 and MP 1.3.30.

      I pulled out the telemetry radio in the USB port without disconnecting MP and MP froze instantly, I had to switch off and restart.

      I normally have no issues with MP and generally disconnect before I remove the telemetry radio from the USB port.  

  • I am using windows 7 on an old laptop with very little RAM and no problems with MP,

    Thank you Michael great work with great features


  • Mine locks up all the time on the bench, while I'm changing settings.  I've not had any issues in flight yet.  win7 x64. 

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      I have MP running on 2 machines for several hours every day and almost never see it lock up

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      realy? I was not aware of any of this.

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        Hi Michael,

        I have MP 1..3.28 running on both a Windows 7 PC and a Windows 8.1 laptop and the only time that I have noticed an issue is when I have been using the laptop to add waypoints to an existing mission in the Flight Plan window I find that I cannot use the mouse pointer and left click to move the map tile around. The map tile screen will become unresponsive and I have to go to the Flight Data window and back to the Flight Plan window to get back the ability to move the map tile around with the cursor/left click.

        Since the OP of this thread is using Norton 360 there is no telling what it is doing in the background in relation to MP. I quit using Norton a long time ago because of it interference with Windows applications. Windows Security Essentials seems to have no impact on the operation of MP.


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        • Exact same problem.  Win 7 Sony laptop, Win 8 HP desktop.  But I would use the zoom slider on the side of the window to regain control of the map tile.  Just move it up and back down, and that seemed to enable the mouse to move the window again.  

          Now I'll have to try the window switching technique.

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