• ISM band are vary from different countries. 2.4GHz is common in all over the world. But the distance is not suitable for the UAV telemetry. In the Sub-Ghz band, 433MHz, 315MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz are all available between different countries. RF4432 can support the band from 150MHz to 950MHz.   It can support the local radio regulations. 

    • None of those radios seem to have specs any better than the 3DR/HopeRF radios, and they're closed source so good luck getting them to do anything fancy.

      The OP wanted something more powerful than 100mW.

      I suggest the RFD900...

      It transmits a nice, legal 1W 900mhz band signal.

      I highly suggest you don't hop up your already illegal 433mhz 3DR radio.

  • Hi

    I have used these:

    This amp reduces the receiving sensitivity, better to use higher gain antennas without these amplifiers, currently achieve approx. 5km with a 1/2 wave omni on ground and std antenna on airborne side.

  • The 433 3DR radio already puts out well more than the legal limit on that band.

    Probably not a good idea to put a heater on an already illegally operating device.

  • 433MHz long range is up to 5km. I don't know whether it satisfy with your requirement.

  • Bidirectional 433mhz are hard/impossible to find. I had a 900Mhz from Shireen...(

    Don't waste your money. If you want real long range telemetry, it's with a dronecell on the cellular network. Check out "telemetry over IP" group, we are making progress....

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