Not all ESC's will beep!

Help, have a hexa running the latest code, only 1 of the 6 esc's will beep when I plug in the lipo, Ive gone thru manual and auto calibration, reload firmware in which the other esc's do work, however they will all not work(beep) once I plug them all back into the APM

A strange thing happens that they will all arm(beep) if I plug in via USB and connect, yet when I disconnect and unplug lipo it like it 'forgets' and only 1 esc beeps


Any ideas?

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  • Confirmed I went back to a older revision(.40) and my ESC's arm properly, using the latest firmware does not arm my ESC's


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    Hi Jason,


    I'm sure you have checked, and re-checked all connections again and again, however it sounds like all ESC's have power (the first set of beeping noises from the motors), however it seems like they are not getting the signals from the RX, to clear one point up, have you tested each motor on the RX/TX without the PBD, if all the ESC/ motor combinations work when they are tested in this stand alone test the fault will be with the connection to the PDB or wires to and from it. I did have an issue like this way back when I built my first copter, one single motor would not behave, the other three were fine, the fault was a simple solder mistake I had made! Lesson learnt............ :)






    (Just seen this post, not sure it will help, but can't harm....



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