• We are discussing transmitters to fly an actual RC aircraft right? Not flight simulator flight? I'd recommend getting at least a 7 channel 2.4ghz radio. A 9 channel would be really sweet and the more the merrier I would say. If you are doing FPV or aerial imaging you may want two radios, one for flight and the other to control the camera. (Camera operator should not be flying the plane of course.)

  • I think RC radios on UAVs are probably going the way of the buggy whip pretty soon.  I lost mine and I'm not planning to get another.  I've got a USB RC-style controller (RC flight sim style) and a microsoft sidewinder 3d, so I don't see any reason to waste the money, weight, and RF power on an oldskool controller.

  • 4 for control surfaces (throttle, elevator, rudder, aerolons)

    2 for pan/tilt

    perhaps 1 for your autopilot/flight stabilizer

    Check out Channel Wizard  for ways of extending a cheap 6 channel effectively.

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