Hi all,

My new bicopter prototype - the Nymbus 650 - uses a mod of the original APM airplane code and two fixed-pitch airplane props. Hoping to have your feedback. Here are some clips, some alongside a T-Rex heli, and some partially from the on-board camera:








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A condensed version.  - Gary



hi, gary gress, can i have your coding for VTOL bicopter? thanks

great work! thumbs up! ;)
i'm trying to make a bicopter without control board, and since i'm new to RC, i'm unable to understand if its right to connect two esc's to a single battery,...and i want to know how to setup FLYSKY FS-T6 for a bicopter.. with channel mixing for servos...
please help me out... i'm done with the fabrication of the model.. all thats left is the electronics setup :)

Hi Nymbus 650 fans,

Gress Aerospace and CUVR, Inc. have teamed up to bring you the Nymbus 650. We are currently gathering funs for the first production run of the Nymbus 650. 

Visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...aft-nymbus-650 to get your very own Nymbus 650.

We are offering the aircraft at a discount during the kickstarter period. You will be able to buy a kit or a fully assembled aircraft.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


The Development Team

I like fun too!

Great work.  Very interesting design.   What kind of endurance are you getting with just two motors / rotors as opposed to a quad?  Do you plan on publishing plans and code anywhere ? 

Hi Bill.  Thank you!


I don't have hard numbers for you at the moment.  Props are 13x8 MA 3-bl, and we're planning on a flying weight of < 5 lb


With the prototype I'm getting about 8-10 min.  But it weighs almost 7 lb.  I'd have to confirm this but I believe its battery is a 5S 4000mAh



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