Hi guys and gals,

I am working on an obstacle avoidance system for my Arducopter Quad.  The intent is to patrol my property by following the trails.

As the APM is basically full, I have built a sensor platform on the Arduino Mini Pro using the Octosensor and three Sharp IR sensors.  My temporary readout is the SSD1306 OLED display.

Everything is looking great.

My problem is now that I have the information of the surroundings, what do I do with it?

I am familiar with IIC protocol and can get the necessary information to the APM, but that is where I am stuck.

The Mini Pro sensor array has determined that I need to shift my position, so where do I send this info to the APM to say move left?

Thanks for any help and YES, I RTFM, but I have over 1.37GB of information and trudging through it, I am a bit overwhelmed at this time and as nothing appears to address this particular issue, I am asking for help.

Thanks again,


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Use mavlink to instruct the AP about what to do.
You can use mavlink to control the AP in at least three ways:
Manual control
Guided mode

Depending on your usage scenario and needs.

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