I have a Octo with APM2.6, ArduCopter V3.2.1 , MK3638 motors and 30A Afro esc's (Simonk). This setup won't fly. The last 2 flights resulted in flip and crash (after a few minutes in the air flying ok).

Today, in the first flight one motor stopped in the air and I managed to get it back to the ground safely. After landing, the motor still did not working until I restart the APM. I decided recalibrate the esc's (all at once, because I was in the filed, but previously I have calibrated one by one), and after that no luck. So I Increased the MOT_SPIN_ARMED to 150 (before was 70) and the problematic motor returned to life. Recalibrated the esc's again and went to another flight.

The second flight was going nice until another motor stopped in the air, but this time the octo was unable to regain, flipping and crashing from 15 or 20 meters high.

I do not know what more to do, or what the problem. I noticed that when the motors are powered on, the "singing" tone from motors/esc's does not start in simultaneous (some motors sing 2 or 3 seconds after the others), it's like the esc's was not calibrated or like the apm is not sending the pwm signal to all the esc's at same time.

I have calibrated the esc's one by one (directly on the receiver) several times, and I can see that some motors spins slower than others. So, my problem is surely related with motors/esc's but what more to do?

I appreciate any help or input to solve this problem, so I attached the dataflash log from the last (crash) flight.

Thanks in advance!


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Ok, I think that I have a self explanation for the successive crashes: Afro esc, many people having sync problems with Afro esc's and default firmware. I'll flash them with Blheli.



yes this is a very well known issue..

Hi Tony,

Do you know if the Blheli always solves this problem ?

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